I am a detail-oriented, content-driven storyteller. I love weddings because I value marriage and when two people vow to remain faithful to one another for the rest of their lives, it gets me every time.

People ask why I am not a wedding photographer. It is simply because I love movement and music! As a musician, when I am able to add music to live dialogue and natural action, it is simply the best way of reliving the day! My ability to make a beautiful film and tell a wonderful story depends on how well I know the couple. So from our very first meeting, I will look to engage you as good friends. I want to know what you value most in life so I can craft the story of your day in the most uniquely personal, meaningful way. I love details and will personally handle them from beginning to end - even the meticulous editing!

I chose the name "In Joy Films" because "in joy" is part of the traditional vows: "in joy and in sorrow". I know that wedding days are filled with many deep feelings, thoughts and emotions yet my hope is that when you look back on your day through my lens, you will remember that this day was truly lived in joy.

So if my films captivate your heart (and maybe make you tear up a little bit), I would love for you to fill out a contact so we can start the journey of creating a film that you will someday show your grandchildren!

- David McGladdery